Autographed Matt’s Off Road Rescue Jeep

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Highly-detailed Johnny Lightning Jeep Cherokee XJ with custom Winder towing graphics. It’s sure to be a great addition to your collection of Johnny Lightning die-cast vehicles.

This is autographed by Matt himself. It took him 3 hours to autograph them all.

1 in stock

Return: 14 Days

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in

377 reviews for Autographed Matt’s Off Road Rescue Jeep

  1. Robert Spera (verified owner)

  2. Matthew Krug (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with my purchase. I bought the autographed “Banana” and its awesome. Worth every penny!!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Scott (verified owner)

  5. Richard Elliott (verified owner)

  6. Robert C. (verified owner)

    At the time I ordered this, your website pricing was all over the place so I’m not sure exactly what I payed.

  7. Charles W. (verified owner)

    I love this example of the Jeep XJ!! It makes a great display on my bookshelf along with my silver Johnny Lightning XJ. Thank you so much for offering this and for always putting content on YouTube to entertain the world.

  8. Ryan Curtis (verified owner)

    Love it. Its amazing.

  9. Jacob (verified owner)

  10. Brandon McMullen (verified owner)

  11. Bradley Smith (verified owner)

    Great looking model. The price is a bit high, but I also like to support a small business that is up and coming.

  12. Michelle (verified owner)

  13. Mike Brant (verified owner)

    I love it thank you so very much

  14. SPENCER JOHNSON (verified owner)

    pretty cool

  15. Steve Lynch (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this item, we’ll put it up on the shelf for safekeeping

  16. Richard C. (verified owner)

  17. William (verified owner)

    I know it’s sacrilege but I am going to open my Jeep and Get Matt to sign the XJ

  18. joseph borelli (verified owner)

  19. shawn t. (verified owner)

  20. Nick Yates (verified owner)

    There isn’t a 10 or I would vote that. It’s amazing!

  21. Kolby (verified owner)

  22. Cory Colston (verified owner)

  23. Erik Scott (verified owner)

  24. Skip Stoetzer (verified owner)

  25. Mikele Buono (verified owner)

    The jeep looks awesome !

  26. Forrest L. (verified owner)

  27. Leonard K. (verified owner)

  28. Matt (verified owner)

  29. Ashlee Kolar (verified owner)

    We are very pleased with our signed Banana! We were a bit disappointed that all of them say #1 of xxxx, but still enjoy having it.

  30. Andrew Ulin (verified owner)

  31. Brad R. (verified owner)

  32. Nino (verified owner)

  33. james Fowler (verified owner)

  34. Ryan D. (verified owner)

    I love this autographed Johnny Lightning Banana!

  35. Jason (verified owner)

    This. Is. Awesome. Thank you.

  36. edward aborn jr (verified owner)

    Only thing missing is the light bar…Not a deal breaker, and quality is excellent.

  37. Brandon B. (verified owner)

    This is such a neat idea and one that I personally hadn’t seen from any of the channels I watch on YouTube. I love the quality of the model, the packaging, and I was lucky to get an autographed version. Big fan of Matt and the Team so it’s a win for me.

  38. Richard D. (verified owner)

  39. STEVEN LINHART (verified owner)

  40. Joseph N. (verified owner)

  41. Hesham (verified owner)

  42. Joshua L. (verified owner)

    Very cool! Pretty realistic except the winch…

  43. Michael Zitch (verified owner)

  44. Tad L. (verified owner)

  45. Denzil Crutcher (verified owner)

    Proud to have it on display

  46. Nicholas Beeson (verified owner)

    Arrived instantly, and was just what I expected.

  47. Nicholas Beeson (verified owner)

    Arrived instantly, and was just what I expected.

  48. Gregory Bozeman (verified owner)

    Overpriced and smaller than I expected. Still glad I bought it though, I’m a big fan of Matt and his YouTube channel.

  49. James MacBurney (verified owner)

  50. Theresa W. (verified owner)

  51. Dan H. (verified owner)

  52. Dan H. (verified owner)

  53. Barry R. (verified owner)

  54. Nick (verified owner)

    The best banana to ever grace youtube

  55. Wayne G. (verified owner)

    Love the Jeep !! And bonus Matt signed it ..

  56. Nickole Mitchell (verified owner)

  57. Robert (verified owner)

  58. Kori H. (verified owner)

  59. Ryan J. (verified owner)

    Some day this Jeep will be priceless

  60. FORREST L. (verified owner)

  61. Curtis (verified owner)

  62. Douglas Ibelle (verified owner)

    Another great collectable. Best wishes to Matt and his crew.

  63. Robert (verified owner)

  64. James Baugh (verified owner)

  65. William Darlington (verified owner)

    Love the mini banana

  66. Gunnar Svalland (verified owner)

  67. Doug (verified owner)

    You’re a fan or you’re not. We got to meet Matt and Jaime (sc), Tim and Randy in May of this year while on vacation in Utah. Super gracious folks. Wish them success. This is a great memento to have while you watch someone’s climb to YouTube heights.

  68. Linda H. (verified owner)

    Cute Banana

  69. Lucus (verified owner)

    We really enjoy the channel. Having the The Banana by the TV is very cool! Thanks Matt and team.

  70. Dale D. (verified owner)

  71. David S. (verified owner)

  72. Daniel J Howerton (verified owner)

  73. ryan jenkins (verified owner)

    got two of the autographed jeeps and they’ll both stay wrapped up

  74. John P. (verified owner)

    I had asked for Lizzy to sign it, too. But that is ok.

  75. Shana S. (verified owner)

    We enjoy your channel and your integrity. Thank you.

  76. Danyel Jones (verified owner)

  77. Daniel Palomo (verified owner)

    Price changes

  78. Jim R. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  79. Steven M. (verified owner)

  80. John D. (verified owner)

    Little yellow jeep!!!

  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super cool toy banana replica. Love it.

  82. John Chamberlain (verified owner)

  83. Alfredo H. (verified owner)

  84. David Zepnick (verified owner)

    Sons loves it for his birthday only complaint was a little pricey not bad though

  85. Rick W. (verified owner)

  86. Rebecca R. (verified owner)

  87. George Picazo (verified owner)

    Happy customer! Happy fan!

  88. Victor Miller (verified owner)

  89. Eric Blow (verified owner)

    Excellent job to Matt and his team.

  90. Gary S. (verified owner)

    It’s so accurate, I want to tie a Yank-um rope to it.

  91. Chris Parks (verified owner)

  92. Wayne Miller (verified owner)

    Thank You!

  93. Dan (verified owner)

    Love my little yellow banana! Matt’s signature is a little sloppy. I must have gotten one after he had been doing it a while 😂

  94. Brian Daugherty (verified owner)

  95. Tom (verified owner)

  96. gilbert wiese (verified owner)

  97. JUAN A. (verified owner)

  98. ross estabrooks (verified owner)

  99. Jim Hart (verified owner)

  100. MICHAEL C. (verified owner)

  101. Terese W. (verified owner)

  102. Tracy (verified owner)

  103. Ron T. (verified owner)

    Very cool and YouTube famous. 🙂

  104. rodney kincheloe (verified owner)

  105. Richard (verified owner)

    Really nice little jeep, compliments my car collection very well.

  106. Theresa L (verified owner)

    It’s really cool, nice packaging. Having it signed makes it extra special.

  107. Refugio Delgado (verified owner)

  108. jolene (verified owner)

    Awesome little replica of the “The Banana”. FUN!

  109. russell c. (verified owner)

    Nice quality, I had to put it in the gun safe to keep the kids from running off with it, they are big fans of the YouTube channel.

  110. David Irwin (verified owner)

  111. Sean Soria (verified owner)

  112. David L. (verified owner)

  113. Justin (verified owner)

    Jeep has a winch!

  114. Larry Rawley (verified owner)

  115. Josh L. (verified owner)


  116. Lee Dishman (verified owner)

    Excellent 5 Stars +++. Thank You.

  117. David Proffitt (verified owner)

    Really cool piece of memorabilia. I’m over 40, but a kid at heart and this was a nice piece now on display on my bookshelf.

  118. George M. (verified owner)

  119. kenneth howard (verified owner)

  120. Leonard (verified owner)

    Package arrived as described, with quick shipping.

  121. Joe Hunsbarger (verified owner)

    very tiny also couldn’t find the autograph finally found the scribble

  122. Anonymous (verified owner)

    great gift

  123. Amanda Mihalchik (verified owner)

  124. Steven D. (verified owner)

    Kinda pricey

  125. Leonard Zinsmeyer (verified owner)

    Great replica of the Yellow Banana with an autograph by Matt.

  126. Tim C. (verified owner)

    Love it.

  127. Anonymous (verified owner)

  128. David Sentz (verified owner)

    How can you not love the Banana

  129. Jeremiah P. (verified owner)

  130. Anthony Parente (verified owner)

    Love it

  131. Todd A. (verified owner)

  132. John L. (verified owner)

  133. Terry rice (verified owner)

  134. Terry Rice (verified owner)

  135. Bill Richcreek (verified owner)

  136. Charles Pickering (verified owner)

  137. chris pry (verified owner)

  138. Robert Baker (verified owner)

    Amazing attention to detail!!

  139. Fred Knopp (verified owner)

  140. Eric Bible (verified owner)

  141. Vanessa Salcedo (verified owner)

  142. Patrick McConville (verified owner)

  143. Roger Knobe (verified owner)

    Great product a little pricey

  144. Richard Pourcho (verified owner)

  145. Michael H. (verified owner)

    Not autographed. 😟

  146. Nicholas F. (verified owner)

  147. Michael (verified owner)

    Awesome collectible!

  148. Alex L. (verified owner)

  149. Christopher Cella (verified owner)

  150. Matthew B. (verified owner)

  151. Kyle Quintero (verified owner)

  152. Augustine Alcala (verified owner)

    Great model thank you

  153. Dean Boyle (verified owner)

  154. Scott Spangler (verified owner)

    Love the banana and your YouTube channel.

  155. Dustin Stevens (verified owner)

    Beautiful piece

  156. Jeffrey Keeton (verified owner)

  157. Gerry Coffman (verified owner)

  158. Jake Tripp (verified owner)

    My wife is sooo stoked to have the autographed xj we have it in a display case

  159. Lorene Edmisson (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with the new toy Banana. It will be my 36 year old son’s stocking stuffer this Christmas. He’s a collector, and will appreciate the signed package.
    We watch your show every day. You are now a part of our family. We’re also dog owner of a border collie mix and appreciate that you give Lady the proper exercise running next to Banana,

  160. Alan B. (verified owner)

  161. Anna Kuligowski (verified owner)

    I thought I had gotten #1 so ordered another to compare and I felt a little duped , but other than that it’s awesome .

  162. Timothy D. (verified owner)

    One of a kind. Might have to get another one so I can take it out of the package.

  163. Mathew W. (verified owner)

    Very very cool to have

  164. Edward Paul (verified owner)

    similar to the one above…

  165. Quentin P. (verified owner)

    Great product and I love the channel

  166. Ramazan (verified owner)

  167. Steven Gray (verified owner)

    Showed up fast highly recommend getting one before their gone

  168. sharlene n. (verified owner)

    Made my mans day. Thank you

  169. Michael B. (verified owner)

  170. Leslie Moore (verified owner)

    Should have removed the winch from the front bumper. Lol I’m very happy with my purchase.

  171. Anonymous (verified owner)


  172. John Kubeja (verified owner)

    Very nice Jeep! I have been collecting cars for years and this will make a nice addition! Besides we really enjoy watching your vehicle recovery videos!

  173. Lloyd Ballantyne (verified owner)

  174. Daniel Williams (verified owner)

  175. Mark H. (verified owner)

    This is great. The detail is unbelievable.

  176. Jason M. (verified owner)

  177. Jonathon L. (verified owner)

  178. Anonymous (verified owner)

  179. Steven T. (verified owner)

    If you guys made a larger scale version of the Banana I would give you all of my money

  180. Carl Archey (verified owner)

    Love it! Exactly what I was hoping it would be. This is not a knock but it would have been nice to know what number of the thousand it was. Still not disappointed at all. Keep up the good work! Matt you have a great team 👍

  181. Jason B. (verified owner)

    Is this foreshadowing a permanently mounted winch? Favorite part of my collection!

  182. Stephen Flaim (verified owner)

    Love my Yellow Banana

  183. Connie Saizan (verified owner)

    Exactly as described.

  184. Tom (verified owner)

    Item received as described, Happy towing

  185. ROBERT HALCROW (verified owner)

  186. Norman Harris (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, great addition to our collection

  187. mark mayhew (verified owner)

  188. Joseph M. (verified owner)

  189. Keith (verified owner)

  190. John Walkusch (verified owner)

  191. michael nuse (verified owner)

  192. DAVID W. (verified owner)

    😉 only issue is now I have a Jeep in my Hot Wheel collection! Oh well, Matt includes enough Toyota time to make up for it. Love the channel, keep it up.

  193. David B. (verified owner)

    The signed by Matt Banana lets me feel like I’m connected some way to the great, great videos. I wish I was there.

  194. gregory martin (verified owner)

  195. Darren Patterson (verified owner)

    very cool

  196. Adam Novak (verified owner)

    Exactly what I wanted

  197. Mary Jourdant (verified owner)

  198. William (verified owner)

  199. allen blanchard (verified owner)

  200. Peter Glenk (verified owner)

  201. Anonymous (verified owner)

  202. Scott Edwards (verified owner)

    I wanted to take it out and play with it, but I have to give it to my wife for her birthday. 🙂 I’m only 72. Lol

  203. Steven (verified owner)

    Purchased for my grandson

  204. Daniel (verified owner)

  205. Phillip S. (verified owner)

  206. Michael Laywell (verified owner)

    Really, really nice!!! I put one of these away in my gun safe I don’t plan on opening it.

  207. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Something else for my shelf of useless but awesome stuff. If I ever need to “make a call”, for sure I know who it will be if I’m in south western Utah.

  208. Debra S. (verified owner)

    My first Jeep was an XJ! Love seeing yours in action!!

  209. Brad M. (verified owner)

  210. Maria (verified owner)

    My husband was thrilled to put the banana Jeep in his room!

  211. Steve S. (verified owner)

  212. Tom Kyle (verified owner)

    Somewhat smaller than I expected.

  213. Alex Torres (verified owner)

    Memorabilia 4ever will keep in box

  214. Terry Shafer (verified owner)


  215. Ryan (verified owner)

    It’s pretty cool, I like it.

  216. Mark S. (verified owner)

  217. Stephen Ridenour (verified owner)

  218. CHARLES RUETSCH (verified owner)

    love it

  219. Michael Sinnette (verified owner)

    Great Team, Great Fun ! Thank you….We’ll git’em out!!

  220. Michael D. (verified owner)

  221. Faye (verified owner)

  222. Andrew (verified owner)

  223. Jason Nickel (verified owner)

  224. Shawn C. (verified owner)

    Nice product and fast shipping!

  225. Thomas C. (verified owner)

  226. steve blubaum (verified owner)

  227. kevin (verified owner)

    a little smaller than expected

  228. Stephen M. (verified owner)

    Love my Autographed Matt’s Off Road Rescue Jeep, great detail and a cherished collectible!

  229. brian m. (verified owner)

    My son loves it, it has plenty of detail from what we can see, but we will not be opening it. Lol. Ty.

  230. Garrett Wilson (verified owner)

    Autograph was scuffed from movement in shipping box.

  231. Russell Kennedy (verified owner)

    Love my mini Banana,

  232. Julianne Donathan (verified owner)

  233. scott murray (verified owner)

    Because I have enjoyed your vids I splurged, (this time) once only. Once ya factor in the piss poor Trudeau to Trump buck exchange … and shipping it was pretty damned expensive all said n done
    My son is happy to add the banana to his display //all good

  234. Todd Norman (verified owner)

  235. IRV R. (verified owner)

  236. BRUCE PHIPPS (verified owner)

    Such a cool item love it

  237. Brandon L. (verified owner)

    Very nice replica. Thanks Matt and crew, keep up the great work.

  238. Michael Martinez (verified owner)

  239. Brian Coots (verified owner)

    Excallent Product, sitting in my display case with my other signed memorabilia. Love the channel, keep it up!

  240. Stephen beach (verified owner)

    Proud to own this toy. Makes me smile that I paid $40 and furthered a had working crews future.

  241. Dan Schultz (verified owner)

  242. Ted B. (verified owner)

  243. Kellie Farnum (verified owner)

  244. Anonymous (verified owner)

  245. Diana Lippert (verified owner)

    I love it and I might get another thats unsigned to display in my own jeep Cherokee 🤔😊

  246. William Dillow (verified owner)

  247. John Bentley (verified owner)

    Bought for my wife, she loves your channel.

  248. Chuck Deinum (verified owner)

  249. Rogelio (verified owner)

  250. john l. (verified owner)

  251. Cynthia Essel (verified owner)

  252. Shelby H. (verified owner)

  253. Darin F. (verified owner)

    Neat little truck. Tires come off the bead now and then. Not too big of a deal. I like it.

  254. Shane Eliason (verified owner)

  255. Richard (verified owner)

    Very pleased !!!

  256. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent all the way around! Thanks Matt!!

  257. Randy Watts (verified owner)

    looks terrific! It will stay ‘new in the box!’

  258. Luke (verified owner)

    Very neat item for your viewers and collectors!

  259. Martin (verified owner)

    You got me on this one. Love the channel and always a sucker for cool vehicles! Have a line of die-casts hanging in the garage from family and friends.

  260. Mark T. (verified owner)

  261. Justin (verified owner)

    very detailed, is a must if you are a fan of “Matts off road recovery”

  262. Victor Molina (verified owner)

    Just Cool!

  263. Bill L. (verified owner)

  264. Alexander Potter (verified owner)

  265. Domingo S. (verified owner)

  266. Carlos B. (verified owner)

    It’s a very nice looking toy

  267. Kyle Mosley (verified owner)

  268. Alain Lutz (verified owner)

    Very nice product !

  269. Fernando Torres (verified owner)

    great item

  270. Brad Myers (verified owner)

  271. Mort Batchelder (verified owner)

    Love it and even got one for a friend who is a fan of the channel.

  272. Matthew J. (verified owner)

    So cool!

  273. Steve A. (verified owner)

    Pretty cool merch, thanks for putting in the time to get these out.

  274. Randy Casper (verified owner)

  275. Gary (verified owner)

  276. Bob D. (verified owner)

  277. Jeremy G. (verified owner)

    Great little collector. Got way faster then expected

  278. Jon Emil Hauge (verified owner)

    Not received yet

  279. Juan L. (verified owner)

    Should have bought one to play with.

  280. Sharon R. (verified owner)

    My husband was so happy with his Winder truck…60 year old man grinning like a kid.

  281. Bill Mckenzie (verified owner)

    Great job!

  282. william (verified owner)

  283. Judson Wing (verified owner)

  284. Danny (verified owner)

    I got the first signed Banana! Oh wait maybe everyone got the first one…

  285. Austin J. (verified owner)

  286. Carrie G. (verified owner)

  287. Allan (verified owner)

    Really looked great, with out taking it out of the package. But missing the flag on front bumper.

  288. Rhonda Shafer (verified owner)

    My husband loved his gift. He won’t take it out of the package. He said, You watch this will be worth lots of money one day. Lol

  289. Michael Laursen (verified owner)

  290. Beryl J Garbutt (verified owner)

    The model is very detailed and exactly what we expected.

  291. John Theocharis (verified owner)

    Great thanks

  292. Dana (verified owner)

  293. Jonathan Bortolini (verified owner)

  294. Matthew Gorman (verified owner)

    Great idea, loved the car and thanks for the stickers.

  295. Amos Gross (verified owner)

    Packing bent

  296. Chris M. (verified owner)

  297. Kenneth Hagele (verified owner)

  298. Tom P. (verified owner)

  299. Aaron C. (verified owner)

    Looks just like the Banana!

  300. Jeffrey Larsh (verified owner)

  301. Gary Van Bortel (verified owner)

  302. James Franco (verified owner)

    Cool idea that sold out pretty quick from what I can tell. I Was looking for the flag that goes on the bumper 🙂

  303. David Riddle (verified owner)

  304. Ronald R. (verified owner)

    Definitely happy with the product and it got here a lot quicker then i expected.

  305. Danna H. (verified owner)

  306. Brian H. (verified owner)


  307. Floyd Roland (verified owner)

  308. Paul Shonafelt (verified owner)

  309. Robert G. (verified owner)

    Excellent! I’ll take it with me the next time I off road for good luck!

  310. edward duda (verified owner)

    Cool touch signing it and banana is tough!!

  311. Christopher S. (verified owner)

  312. Michael (verified owner)

  313. Pablo M Ayala (verified owner)

    I love how fully detailed this Yellow Banana diecast is made it really looks just like the actual Yellow Banana keep up the good work

  314. Donald C. (verified owner)

  315. Russ Forrest (verified owner)

  316. James White (verified owner)

  317. Tim T. (verified owner)

  318. Lauren (verified owner)

  319. Bryan Lucas (verified owner)

    Matt’s swag is cool.. keep up the great content!

  320. Anthony Hughes (verified owner)

  321. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very small, expected bigger

  322. Deborah Y. (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband. He was very excited to get it. We are huge fans!

  323. Doyle K. (verified owner)

  324. Adekunbi W. (verified owner)

  325. perry leduc (verified owner)

  326. Allert Nel (verified owner)

    Good product, detailed and seems like good quality

  327. Randjne M. (verified owner)

    Best and Awesome recovery team! Thanks for all the video sharing ive learned alot!

  328. Roger D. (verified owner)

    Did your writing hand hurt ???

  329. Anonymous (verified owner)

  330. Timothy Cahoon (verified owner)

  331. Dana Dyment (verified owner)

  332. Brent lazzarino (verified owner)

    Huge fan! This shipped faster than Amazon!

  333. Mark Cross (verified owner)

  334. Harry Messerschmidt (verified owner)

    Looks awesome

  335. Geoffrey H. (verified owner)

  336. Shawn Powell (verified owner)

  337. Tyler P. (verified owner)

  338. Edward V. (verified owner)

    Ordered for my sister, she’s a big fan of Matt and his recovery work. She loves it!

  339. Frank B. (verified owner)

    Shipped fast, loved it. I sent 3 of them as gifts to some off roading friends.

  340. Sam Wayman (verified owner)

    Super cool, makes me smile

  341. Sandra (verified owner)

  342. Dustin Bles (verified owner)

  343. Larry Shultz (verified owner)

    To bad made in China

  344. JONATHAN ELLIS (verified owner)

  345. Kimberly Murphy (verified owner)

    great experience!!!

  346. Dean (verified owner)

  347. Edward Richardson (verified owner)

    Very pricey, but I told Kristin my wife that I’d rather give my money to you guys anyway.

  348. David K. (verified owner)

    Great product selection for your fans! Thank you

  349. Brandon K. (verified owner)

  350. David R. (verified owner)

  351. Waylon Rochelle (verified owner)

  352. Anonymous (verified owner)

  353. Juan Mollfulleda (verified owner)

  354. Garrett (verified owner)

  355. Melissa Hill (verified owner)

  356. Evan Hanna (verified owner)

    Love the jeep! So surprised to find the banana sticker! Thank you!!!

  357. Diane (verified owner)

  358. Dakota (verified owner)

  359. Ryan K. (verified owner)

  360. Brian Spillett (verified owner)


  361. Linda Meier (verified owner)

  362. Jennifer W. (verified owner)

    Exactly what I hoped it was and made a great birthday gift for my spouse!

  363. Daniel Kinney (verified owner)

  364. Dexter Beyer (verified owner)

  365. Anonymous (verified owner)

  366. Thomas Campbell (verified owner)

  367. Peter Rosales (verified owner)

  368. Rich Flynn (verified owner)

    Product was as described

  369. Dustin (verified owner)

  370. Cheryl Turner (verified owner)

    i love them thank you

  371. Michael Jaramillo (verified owner)

  372. Lee Hancock (verified owner)

    As stated earlier it is a very cool little Jeep seems very well made. And it’s autographed what else could you want. Although my friend that I bought it for does get frustrated because he can’t take it out of the pack and play with it. And yes he is nearly 50 years old

  373. Colton (verified owner)

  374. Jennifer D. (verified owner)

  375. Amanda M. (verified owner)

  376. Anonymous (verified owner)

  377. Martin H. (verified owner)

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